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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Girls' Festival (Hina-Matsuri)

Displayed at the Girls' Festival 雛人形 ( Hina-Ningyo)
This photo is two dolls representing the Emperor (お内裏様 O-Dairi-sama) and Empress (お雛様 O-Hina-sama)
This photo is two dolls representing the Emperor (お内裏様 O-Dairi-sama) and Empress (お雛様 O-Hina-sama), but actually there are more.The Girls' Festival 桃の節句(Momo No Sek-ku) in Japan. Why the Japanese say "Momo No Sek-ku"(Peach Festival), because the peach blossom season on the old lunar calendar.

When Doll's Festival?: (^^)σ a set of dolls displayed through the Girls' Festival season up to March 3rd - (celebrate the Cirls' Festival on March 3). That have daughters to display dolls (Hina-Ningyo) on tiers of shelves, families with girls wish their daughters a successful, healthy growth and happy life. Actually, Japanese people display Hina-Ningyo earlier than March 3
(a display of until March 3). Even March 3, people put those dolls away soon in storage box after the festival finish. Some people in some parts of paper dolls into rivers after the festival, praying that the dolls take people's place in carrying away sickness and bad fortune.
Tradition says that "If you have finished Hina-Matsuri, then if no put those dolls away soon in storage box, it daughters will be late marriage.". Perhaps that's true, but I don't know. In any case, I think Hina-Matsuri is the marriage of intellect with good sense for girls.

How many steps there are?: (^^)σ Nice ones have about 7 steps in total. However my house in Japan was small, my mom and dad were having set up the 3 steps (until three court ladies - 三人官女 San-nin kanjo) on the table in my childhood.
It doesn't matter how many steps there are. It's important where we can set up dolls, also where we have storage space after Hina-Matsuri. Japan has a large population in its limited area. Of course inside of room is small! I think only the Emperor and Empress are enough. Those dolls are expensive in the general public, and a tiered stand takes up too much room. In the and it's a question of place. I can easily buy general dolls, aside form Hina-Ningyo.ヾ(~O~;)

My episode of Hina-Ningyo (whispering) - My grandpa bought my parents Hina-Ningyo in celebration of my birth, and then my mother-in-law bought another really nice Hina-Ningyo(a full set of expensive 7 steps) for my daughter.
I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their kindness, but I wasn't much interested in that Hina-Ningyo.
Subsequently, I got a divorce from my husband, my marriage lasted about ten years. I and my daughter have left that nice Hina-Ningyo in my ex-mother-in-law's house. Now I'm so sorry for her (my ex-mother-in-law). I was a bad daughter-in-law, It's a long story. However, I felt relieved to hear that my ex-husband got married again with new wife and he has the first-born son.

Dream and reality, as everybody knows, marriage is death to a love affair. I couldn't do that the duties of a housewife...
After divorce, I had freedom to do what I liked, of course I did it! At first I said I could do it all by myself, but in the end I came to be helped by all. I felt ashamed of myself.
I might be an idealist.... Oh,ヾ(~O~;) what I was talking about.
(;^^)σ Return to the subject. I have Hina-Ningyo of only the Emperor and Empress from my grandpa.
Other three court ladies, a variety of miniature furniture, tools, carriages, etc..., those were nowhere to be found, because I forgot where my mom put those away separately.
Perhaps, when my old house was completely destroyed by fire, those burned away, that big fire was some years ago, but I still do not know the truth, because It happened before I return to my country. Oh, my God! ~(T_T)
Anyway I still have a couple of dolls, that's enough. My daughter, she has grown into a pretty young woman. I'm still a single young woman, too. I'm still waiting somebody who can make a declaration of love to me. (≧∇≦)

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

St. Valentine's Day - Love is ...

Valentine Wallpaper(1024 x 768)
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(February 14th) St. Valentine's Day - Love is ...

If you are in love with me...
You will listen avidly to my sweet voice,
with a rapt expression on your face.
とろけるような表情で あなたは

Love is sweet like chocolates,
you know what it is to be in love with me.
あなたは私との 恋を知る

If you and I are in love with each level,
we can learn each other's love.
あなたと私、 それぞれのレベルで愛し合うなら

Love is a spirit of cooperation.
Time will tell.
時が おしえてくれる
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
≪諺≫ "会わないでいると人の心はいっそう愛情が深くなる"
That's right.
Love is a trying experience.
If I'm still in love with him, if I started in to love him more...
もしもまだ 彼に恋してたら、彼をもっと愛し始めていた としたら...
what can I do?

I will nourish the fond hope again that I wanna be with him,
一緒になりたいという 儚い希望を また抱くのでしょう
with eternal love....
Love is a great longing occasionally.
時に 愛は大きな切望
Love is everything to me.

Poem by Mari
From Your ValentineFebruary 14th (Saint Valentine's Day) is a day to express my love, your love, couples love and to celebrate the spirit of love...
カードに、"From Your Valentine" や"Be My Valentine" と書くこともある。日本とは違い、女性⇒男性だけではなく、男性⇒女性に送る事も普通だよ~ つまり、男性⇔女性

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bean Throwing Festival (Setsubun)

scatter parched beans to drive out evil spirits and summon good luck節分 (Setsubun) -
The day before the calendrical beginning of spring. (the eve of the beginning of spring)

What is Setsubun?
February 3rd(mikka) every year - "Bean Throwing Festival" (豆撒き)February ↓
[二月(nigatsu) or 如月(kisaragi) ]
It's generally believd that scatter parched beans to drive out evil spirits and summon good luck [豆まき] , and then general Japanese people eat the same number of beans as their age to wish for good health that year. well, I'll do today (*^-^*) ~ I wish beautiful spring were here. However, I can't wait for the winter to be over, I still mind the cold...
The beginning of spring - It has been celebrated since the Heian Period
The beginning of spring was traditionally regarded as the beginning of a new year.
February 3rd(mikka)
[立春] ( lìchūn), 4 February
First day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar.
The day before the calendrical beginning of springAbout ---
2/4 - 継ぎ足し一言・・・
今日から暦の上では春なんですね~ 昨日は豆まきして歳の数だけ豆食べて、北北西を向いて巻寿し まるごと一本まるかじりしましたよ。春の初めにでも いいことあるかな~ でも、まだまだ外は寒いネ! 寒いのはダメ~。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。

2/7 追加・ニャン言葉↓↓↓
△△△ なんと、長い文章を言ってくれましたヽ(´▽`)/~♪ しかも、中央の「上のBean~~~」は完璧な文章で、なおかつ、言われるように その時に撮影したものです。 これも記念にココに載せちゃう~m(~o~)m

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