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Sunday, January 02, 2005

My Gallery - Wallpapers (English)

Mariko's FREE Desktop Wallpapers
These wallpapers are small present for your desktop. You can use if you want. I hope you'll like it! * I made these for Windows 1024 x 768 version only. Place 800 x 600 or another size FREE orders. Sorry,

Wallpaper Categories - Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand canyon, Calico Ghost Town, Hearst Castle, Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, flowers / plants, Automobile, others and processed.

Recommend Browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5 ~ 6.0 1024x768 32bits(High Color)
If you are using a newer web browser (Netscape 4.XX or IE 4.XX or newer), your screen size should be automatically set to a correct value.

My Gallery Wallpaper for desktop
Please read and follow my FREE Desktop Wallpapers rules before you download anything in this site, otherwise do not enter.

  • Individual use - OK!
  • Do not ever redistribute my FREE Desktop Wallpapers.
  • You are not allowed to distribute any of my Photo files and pictures even when you processed them.
  • Do not modify images' sizes, crop, edit or process my free graphics your own.
  • Second processings are not allowed in any cases.

Have you got any questions to ask?
>>>Contact me!<<<

About my processing
Wallpaper for computer - Processing of scenery wallpaper
I've made some artwork for wallpaper.
example photographs



Honda Indy Car #11
RX - 8
FORD Shelby GR - 1
Teddy Poodle
The owner taken a dog for a rest.
Nissan 350 Z
a car park
*These photographs are not Wallpapers.
Please go to My Gallery
- Wallpapers

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! So Cool!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 5:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Mari.....
Hello. Mari. This is Dan. When I opened your HP, it was very surprised. Because you did very good jobs. See you.

From Dan

Sunday, February 13, 2005 4:25:00 PM  

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