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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

--- Otometubaki ---

*Scientific Name:
Camellia japonica var. (pink) (decumbens)
*Japanese common Name:
cv.[*Otometsubaki] (Maiden Camellia)

*The language of flower: - moderate merit, grace of bearing, charm, discreet

(When in love, maiden heart now leaps and now wavers.)

I have got a telephone call from my boyfriend late at night.
He said to me, "I'm gonna pick you up at our usual sea soon, just because I wanna be with you,.. with you always.".

Oh! yes, I am very pleased!

I still remember that excitement I knew when I first met him in here.
We fell in love with each other the first sight, and my heart fluttered in anticipation.

So do not say that "love is blind", please.

Because this calm sea of midnight is as smooth as glass reflecting lovers and all the minds put together.
He and I know all about each other's senses already. That is why I want to see him as soon as possible.

Perhaps I love myself in love...

Ah, the thought gives me palpitations.

poem by Mariko

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