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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

BlogPet Background

I have just begun this 'BlogPet' and making its background.

←Photograph Pebble Beach with a golf course for a background(130 x 150px). This is my original photo, and a little processing. (sense of distance?)It's not bad, I think. Neon(ニャン) and this one are a good match! He lives in my blog. You can see him at right sidebar.

When you come here please play with him, then he gives you immediate answers. However, he talks only smattering of Japanese. But... sometimes he makes a Haiku. If you saw that, tell me.
  1. BlogPet背景画像:1 車 Automobile
  2. BlogPet背景画像:2 風景写真
  3. BlogPet背景画像:3 風景写真
  4. BlogPet背景画像:4 風景写真
  5. BlogPet背景画像:5 風景写真

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Sunday, January 14, 2007


screen resolution is 1024×768
There once lived you in this ocean.
옛날 이 바다에 당신이 살고 있었다

It might be a heaven on earth, for you...
그것은 지상의 낙원이었을 지도 모르는데·

If you blend some tints of blue and a tinge of green, you'll get blue tints of tender green.
いくつかの青の色合いに ほんのりと緑を混ぜると

몇개의 파랑의 색조 일본 김과 초록을 혼합하면
희미한 초록의 청색채가 된다

If you combine that tints and yourself, you'll get even Aquamarine color.

그 색채와 당신 자신을 묶어 일체화한다면
한층 더 아쿠아 마린의 색이 되어요

Because transparent colors such as you are rare.
당신과 같이 투명한 색은 보기 드문 걸

flowing clear water
すらすらと 流れる透明な水
술술흐르는 투명한 물

Time heals all sorrows.
시간이 경과하면 모든 슬픔도 치유된다

When tears come to your eyes, they surely will be a round Aquamarine.
きっと 丸い形したアクアマリンになるのね

당신의 눈에 눈물이 떠오를 때,
반드시 둥근 형태 한 아쿠아 마린이 되는 군요

under the eye of heaven...

under the blue sky...
푸른 하늘아래에서···

I want to be your colors in your place.
あなたのいる場所で あなたの色になりたい
당신이 있는 장소에서 당신의 색이 되고 싶다

Poem by Mariko

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blue eyes

meow! 1024 x 768
meow!!~~"I like observe a person's behavior from the window. neow!"
"What is that person doing? neow~"
Siam cat ten years of age

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Monday, January 01, 2007

LA Auto Show - 100 Year Anniversary (1907 - 2007)

LA Auto show
Dec 1-10, 2006 Los Angeles Convention Center
100 Year Anniversary (1907 - 2007)

Click on the thumbnails. - screen resolution is 1024×768
TOYOTA Hybrid System
I'll make another wallpapers of cars soon! Please wait.

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