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Friday, September 29, 2006

The holy sword

The holy sword - true enemy -
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Nobody knows what may happen tomorrow.

A holy sword showed my true enemy to me.
Man is a creature of impulse.
Vortex of light revealed truth, jealousy... the hatred, the dread, then the heart fall under the control of evil emotions by the laws of nature, those evil spirits are all from inside the heart.

My true enemy is myself!

It showed repentance to me and that may be my greatest sin.
Ah, it says, "Pardon and set those free from the mind. Love your enemies." to me.

The holy sword is not a wound to human beings.
It is the emblem of justice or love.

I want to believe that sword will shine light into these important parts of my life, to help my experience remorse and a genuine desire for forgiveness.

So, to you as well, and in unconditional love for all of us.
That phrase "Love your enemies" is quotation from Bible (Love thine enemy) and my favorite phrase, but I have no religious belief and no religious education. Of course, I don't belong to a religious body whatever. Please don't misunderstand me. However, I can say, "May God grant you pardon and fill you with God's peace." for you.

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